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5 Great Places To Visit in Haiti

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Jacmel is one of the many gems that you will discover in Haiti. Once called the pearl of the Caribbean, this incredible and diversified historical treasure is now center stage for a major revitalization project currently under way. This website has been created to showcase the real Haiti that most people have never imagined. By tourists visiting Jacmel, all kinds of new industries will breed in the region. The governing thesis being advancement of the Haitian people through employment, healthcare, education and permanent housing. It will re-establish the historical relevance of Jacmel as a commerce and tourist center, thus providing a sustainable socio-economic system for thousands of Haitians. This model will bring hope and a future to the people of Haiti.

Mole Saint Nicolas

Môle Saint-Nicolas (Mòlsennikola or Omòl in Haitian Creole) is a town in the Republic of Haiti. It is the chief town of the Môle Saint-Nicolas Arrondissement in the department of Nord-Ouest. Christopher Columbus’ first voyage to the Americas on December 6, 1492 to Haiti’s northern coast led to the establishment of the short-lived settlement of La Navidad in what is now Môle Saint-Nicolas. The town’s fête day is December 6 each year, to celebrate Columbus’ arrival. The town received its present name after France gained control of the western part of Hispaniola in 1697.

Port Salut
Port-Salut is a coastal town in the Sud Department of Haiti and the hometown of Haiti’s deposed president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide who was born there in 1953. [1] Port-Salut is a popular destination for local Haitians as well as tourists to a certain degree seeking relaxation and tranquility due to the beautiful beaches that the town is surrounded by. The area has yet to be discovered on a mainstream tourist level. With proper management and investment, Port-Salut could become a major tourist destination in Haiti, a country whose tourism industry, full of potential, has been struggling for decades.

Ile a Vache

As quiet as Ile-a-Vache may look, the community is vibrant and welcomes its visitors with open arm.Come and spend some time with us. Enjoy a football (soccer) game, a cultural activity.We’ll tell you all about our beautiful island.

Labadee Cap-Haitien

Labadee is a beautiful coastal resort located on the north of Haiti. It is located on the island of Hispaniola which is also home to the Dominican Republic. This beachfront area was created and is run by Royal Caribbean International and is a stop for their Caribbean cruises. Labadee is like an oasis of gorgeous beaches and never ending fun. There are numerous activities to meet everyone’s desires.

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